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A toxin injected into the muscle to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe lines and wrinkles. This treatment is also used to reduced certain unwanted areas of the face and neck.

Line Reducing _ Anti-aging Treatment.png

Forehead, frown & crow's feet

1 area

2 areas

3 areas

*Brow lift

*Gummy smile

*Bunny lines

*Jelly roll eyes

*Dimple chin

Jawline slimming/teeth grinding

Platysma bands/Neck lift

*50 when having 2 or more areas

Complementary top up at 2 weeks











dermal filler.png

Injectable dermal filler is a soft tissue filler injected into the skin at different depths to help fill in facial wrinkles,

provide facial volume, and augment facial features restoring a smoother and natural appearance.

Lip Filler 1.1ml


Nose to mouth lines

Smile lines

Chin augmentation

Cheek enhancement

Jawline enhancement

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose) 

Tear trough/under eye











Skin boosters are injectable anti-ageing treatments made from stabilised Hyaluronic Acid (HA), formulated to aid in deep hydration and long-term skin revitalisation for tired and dehydrated skin.  

Skin boosters work by supporting the synthesis of collagen and elastin through fibroblast stimulation, therefore treating skin laxity, elasticity and firmness, as well as reducing lines and wrinkles.  The treatment also delivers a subtle tightening and lifting effect. 

skin booster.png

Seveny Hyal – 2.0ml 

X1 treatment 

X2 treatments  

X3 treatments  


Profhilo – Per treatment 2.0ml 

Jalupro – Per treatment 2.5ml  






A revolutionary treatment involving a series of tiny injections into the stubborn, exercise resistant pockets of fat.

It contains a substance that emulsifies fat by dissolving the membrane of the fat cells breaking them down,

allowing the lymphatic system to eliminate from the body.

Usually more than one treatment is necessary dependant on the size of the area, which are administered several

weeks apart.

The results are permanent (unless weight is put back on).

Body area

Under chin



Intramuscular Shots.png
Course of 4 for 3 on all nutrient IM shots

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12





Course of 4 for 3 on all drips
Intravenous Nutrient Drips.png

Nutrients are compounds found in food which are essential to life. They provide energy, are the building blocks for repair and growth, and are substances necessary to regulate vital chemical processes.

Micronutrients are a major group of nutrients which are essential for healthy and well functioning body systems, including an active and healthy metabolism. A lack of nutrients may cause weakness, disease and even premature death.


The World Health Organisation recommend 400g of our 5 a day per adult, but with our ever growing busy lifestyles is it any wonder we struggle to consume the correct amount of fruit and vegetable a day and how much do we actually consume?

In the UK vitamins and minerals are most commonly taken orally, whether that being capsule, chew, tablet or liquid form. A substance ingested orally undergoes a rigorous journey within the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract which can have huge impact on the breakdown and absorption rate of the substance. Liver metabolism, the presence of intestinal microflora (a complex eco system containing hundreds of bacteria species), intestinal motility and the general functioning of the GI system all have a significant impact on the uptake of these vital nutrients. Therefore, due to the unpredictable nature of the GI system the same amount of nutrient ingested is rarely available for absorption within the bloodstream, and up to a massive 85% can be eliminated as waste. Essential nutrients are also frequently lost during certain cooking methods thus reducing several key nutrients, for example up to 50% water soluble vitamins are lost during the boiling process, with vast amounts of B vitamins being destroyed during grilling.However, a substance administered via the intravenous (IV) route enters the blood stream directly.  It bypasses the GI tract and biotransformation within the liver, therefore allowing almost 100% of the substance to become available for immediate cellular uptake. 

At Revive Wellness & Aesthetics we have specially formulated our own cocktails of vitamin drips using quality products free of additives and preservatives.  Alternately, we can customise our drips to suit the individuals’ requirements.

The Classic Myers Remixed 120.png

Popular worldwide The Classic Myers is the original nutrient cocktail which was used by Dr Myers in the 60's to treat many medical conditions such as asthma, chronic fatique, fibromyalgia, migraines, upper respiratory tract infections and many more. Almost anyone can benefit from this therapy. This includes those who feel healthy overall but may want an additional boost in mood or energy Contains Potassium, Magnesium, Vit C and B complex.

A cocktail with a clout. Excellent to release energy and help provide optimum performance prior to an event. This nutrient packed drip helps combat depression and anxiety, balances blood sugar, aids in pain relief and relaxes muscle, assists in joint and ligament flexibility, promotes bone and oral health and weight loss, supports muscle weakness, protects nerves,and promotes energy production. These are only a few amazing benefits of its ingredients. Contains Vitamin B complex, Magnesium, Thiamine & Potassium. Includes a B12 shot.

kick start.png
gloz up.png

During menopause our nutritional requirements exceed, putting a huge demand on the body, which may cause several deficiencies leading to a number of undesirable menopausal symptoms.  

The Meno-Ease drip is a blend of essential vitamins and minerals designed to target the main deficiencies seen during both perimenopause and menopause.   

Fatigue, joint pain, bone weakness, low mood, thinning hair, dry skin are just a few targeted symptoms. 

Great for those who want clearer, brighter and more radiant skin (don't we all?). Some of the many benefits of the glow up infusion include slowing of the aging process, detoxifying liver, improves quality of sleep, evens out skin tone, lightens and brightens skin, protects cells from environmental toxins and free radicals. Aids athletic performance and recovery, improves mental focus and clarity, acts as a powerful antioxidant. Contains Glutathione and Vitamin C.


Targets deficiencies linked to hair loss, boosts hair, skin & nail health at a cellular level, while supporting hormonal balance. Contains Vit B complex, Magnesium, Potassium, Vit C and Biotin shot.


Contains Glutathione, considered the master of antioxidants. Increases energy levels, improves skin, slows the aging process and detoxifies. Protects from Mercury and other toxic metals as well as alcohol and other organic pollutants. Regenerates Vitamins C and E. Neutralises free radicals and plays a vital role in mitochondrial function and the maintenance of mitochondrial DNA.


Whether you're feeling a little dehydrated, post sports event or partied too hard.... We've got it in the bag. Contains Saline followed by Vit C and Vit B complex.

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